You don’t need a solvent to clean your bearings before re-application. Y ou can use an oil or grease. It's the go to for bearings and bearing lube. Because it’s highly effective and long-lasting, reapplying this lube frequently is not necessary, making it a cost-efficient solution. Although often overlooked, lubricating your bearings regularly enhances their longevity and most importantly, keeps your skateboard riding safe. One size doesn’t fit all for skate bearing lubricants, so don’t pick up a product because you saw a friend using it. Bearing Oil/Lube. They lubricate efficiently while repelling water and moisture to prevent rust from setting in and stop corrosion from wreaking havoc. So, ‘how to clean your skateboard bearings’ shouldn’t sound as scary as before, right? It has a waxy consistency that smoothly flows out of the bottle to lubricate the exact areas of your focus. I hear WD-40 and other cheaper lubricants leave behind a film that actually collects dirt and dust. Huge selection from top brands. We would have loved more products in this package but the available 0.74 ounces is sufficient for some extended use. 2. Grease can be used instead of oil; however, bearings lubricated with grease tend not to spin as fast, according to 12-10-2009, 06:32 PM. Take the bearings out and shake dry. Dry Lubricants – This type of lubricant has a waxy consistency that goes on wet and dries on contact. Get ready to roll and feel the difference with the best lubricant for skateboard bearings featured in this review. Roller Skate Bearing Lube and Alternatives (Best Roller Skating lube) skating questions / By Sidd Skating. Here's the lowdown on the best natural lube alternatives. Without taking the bearings out, I use q-tips and toilet paper soaked in rubbing alcohol to just kind of wipe around as much as I can (spinning my balls, of course), and then pour in some bearing oil. What to use to clean skateboard bearings? It’s a high-performance product that effortlessly made my 4-year-old bearings feel like new! What Kind of Skateboard Should I Get for Beginners? Keep in mind that periodically cleaning and lubricating your bearings require a dependable yet inexpensive solution. It also comes in a handy tube with a nozzle that facilitates precise application and delivery. How to clean and lubricate bearings on your skates, skateboard and scooter Step 1. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards. While grease lubricants tend to attract dust and dirt, you can expect this formula to stay on longer than oil lubricants. 6. share. One application will last for a few months before your skate bearings need to be oiled again. It is thick and collects grudge quickly, thus not allowing your bearing much free spin and not letting your bearing fly to their true potential. Best part, I … The texture is very smooth, which makes for a nice, smooth application that will have your bearings working optimally right after application. If some of this lubricating oil gets on your skateboard graphics or other plastic parts, they won’t fall apart and be damaged for life. Also, don’t let its size deceive you as this half-ounce bottle lasts a while since a little goes a long way! It’s a certified must-have and one of the best maintenance solutions out there that you can’t do without! Bearings can be steel, ceramic, titanium or a combination of materials in an assortment of colors and are mounted inside of the wheels and onto the truck axle. This lubricant is right up my alley and is well-worth repurchasing. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. You will need a skateboard bearing cleaner and a lubricant afterward to clean the bearings. Anything that squeaks, rolls, swivels, and slides doesn’t stand a chance against this lube. This skateboard lubricant is specially made to protect against corrosion and reduce friction for a safer and more comfortable riding experience. Complete Skateboards . This oil is formulated with modifiers that protect and bond metal to reduce wear and friction. What I like most about this synthetic skate bearing lube is that it’s formulated with low viscosity and can withstand high temperatures. Any light machine oil or sewing machine oil will work, but it evaporates quicker than skateboard bearing lube. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. It’s always a good idea to go for lubricants that are non-abrasive, non-toxic, and suitable for reconditioning your bearings. Oil – This type of lubricant is commonly used and can either be petroleum-based or synthetic. There are different types of bearing lubricants on the market. It is okay to go for a more expensive lubricant that only needs a tiny application to sufficiently oil your bearings. After applying the lubricant, spin the bearing to distribute throughout the bearing. If you purchase one bottle, you don’t have to go shopping for a specialized solvent cleaner or rust protection tool for your bearings. To keep your bearings in top shape, lubricants prevent general wear and tear by reducing friction between surfaces. Although it requires frequent application, it stays on longer compared to its counterparts. Overall, it functions well and makes flushing bearings a whole lot easier. Metal to metal friction just doesn’t stand a chance with this lube in tow! Your bearings will be protected from damage and rust when coated with this specially formulated oil. Completes at a cheap price. Any skateboard bearing lube will do. Where other bearing lubricants will cause buildup, Hetman’s Regular Bearing and Linkage Oil is an excellent alternative. Aside from readily available lubricant preparations, there are skateboard bearing lubricant alternatives that riders on a tight budget can consider using for the upkeep and maintenance of their bearings. Aside from good manufacturing, they require regular upkeep and maintenance for added durability and longevity. however, being that it is light and formulated for skate bearings rather than heavy machinery, it is really fast. Bones Bearings Reds. Low viscosity lubricants are thinner and flow more easily than thick high viscosity products. Users continue to swear by this lube’s efficacy, and it’s not hard to see why. Overall, it works exactly as promised and gives my bearings a thorough and grit-free clean. Make sure you are buying from a reliable source to ensure their efficiency and authenticity. The type of lubricant, its viscosity, and the amount needed for efficient lubrication are of equal importance. People who don’t want to deal with a messy workroom after each oiling session will go for lightweight oils like this product with accurate applicators to cut out the fuss of having to clean up after. "Wash the bearings in petrol and two stroke oil at approximately 50:1 ratio. 1 2 3. $6.95 $ 6. Before you dive into the juicy stuff, let’s talk a little about the different kinds of lubricants available in the market and how they serve different purposes. lukesamess. It’s one of the best all-around lubricants I’ve ever tried, and I highly recommend you getting one too! Parade brings you the latest skateboarding news, videos, product releases and global shopping from the best skate shops and brands. You will also avoid the buildup that oil and grease can accumulate by using this product. Do not use: Cooking oil, motor oil, or anything that might gunk up the bearings or create stickiness. It works great on skateboards, bikes, machines, metal, chains, gears, fishing … This lube protects my bearings better than oil because of its high viscosity. The bottle is very easy and convenient to use. Relevance. What is the best alternative to skate lube or speed cream to use on longboard bearings? This dry lube works like oils but remains clean like a wax. Learn more. Yellow Jacket Premium. If you have a lot of other oiling needs in your house, this product can serve them all and be an excellent choice to keep your skate bearings moving smoothly all the time. The bearing oil comes in a well-designed applicator bottle that cuts down the stress of use. 4. Thanks in advance! I can’t imagine cleaning my bearings without it! These are a great affordable alternative. Alternative standards to the ABEC rating; ... You could switch to a ligher skate-specific grease like Bones Speed Cream or Sabre Bearing Lube. More importantly, it’s an effective solution that deeply penetrates rust to loosen nuts and bolts, lubricate moving parts and pivot points, and reduce friction. THE MARKETPLACE. I’m always on the lookout for environment-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that work efficiently to keep my bearings in top shape, so I’m glad this product did not disappoint. Lubricants do a better job at reducing friction on contact points and preventing corrosion. Make sure not to lubricate your skateboard bearings in a dusty environment when using this grease or it will attract a lot of dust and cause problems for your bearings. 3 in 1 is more so fore bearings that are under a lot of load weight and don't need free spin rotation. Furthermore, it’s not diluted with water, so you don’t have to worry about rusting. Lubricants primarily function to clean, protect, and lubricate your skateboard bearings. 4.4 out of 5 stars 953. Ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger, and perform better at high speeds than steel bearings because they produce less friction, which means less heat. This is a product designed specifically made for removing rust and grime, not as a lubricant or cleaner for bearings. So, ‘how to clean your skateboard bearings’ shouldn’t sound as scary as before, right? Get that from a sewing machine store. This multipurpose oil will keep your skate bearings running very smoothly. Whenever you cannot get oil or grease skateboard bearing lubricants, your next best choice is dry lubricants. GIFT CARDS. Typical garage solvents are toxic and can cause skin irritation. Some users noted that the smell of this oil is really pungent; you can even detect it without opening the package. When shaken vigorously, the lid of the washing container leaks, so you may have to reinforce it with tape to keep it tightly shut. What I like most about this kit is the cleaning solution that’s included; it cleans my bearings efficiently without hazardous chemicals and other toxic ingredients. You really have to find the right fit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For under $10 you get to enjoy 3.5 ounces of premium grease for your skate bearings and other squeaky household equipment. Home / Skateboard Bearing Lube. and i dont think it is, i think motor oil is too heavy of a an oil for tiny skateboard bearings. While this may not be a fan favorite (not a lot of people are aware of how truly awesome this is) it still made its way to our list. Take precautions not to over oil when using this machine oil. Water emulsification and washout will never occur when you use this grease because the polymers offer optimal protection. If you are a ska I specifically like how this cleaning solution prolongs the life of my skateboard bearings and make them spin like new! Skateboard bearings will fit all wheels, regardless of their diameter. 10-04-2010, 05:46 PM. Welcome Infinitely Batty on Bunyip Skateboard Deck - 8" $59.99. Oils are dirt magnets but this dry lube will repel dust and dirt under all conditions. For sex: "In some women, petroleum based products might increase risk of vaginal infection including bacterial vaginosis (BV) ," says Alyssa Dweck, MD, who was named a top gynecologist by New York magazine. Try Bones Bearings bearing lubricant or Cheetah Oil lube for your bearings. What I like most about this synthetic skate bearing lube is that it’s formulated with low viscosity and can withstand high temperatures. T-Shirts Short Sleeve. Unlike many others, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The convenience they offer for ease of application comes a close second. Another remarkable feature of this skateboard bearing lube is its solvents, which efficiently break down grime, dirt, and other contaminants that cling onto my bearings and flush them right out. We stock a wide range of OE Gearbox Bearing Repair Kits, wheel bearings, differential bearings, pinion bearings, alternator bearings and many more. the bearing shaft, well and ball all need to be cleaned of the old oil. Bones Super Reds. True to its claim, it cleans, protects, and lubricates in one go! CrazyDrew. The whole bearing can then be soaked in the cleaning solution. Want those bearings just a little bit faster? Soon after applying this solution to my bearings, I immediately noticed how much faster they performed. Olive oil is not good, but is better than nothing, and is probably better than using a solvent. welcome Welcome Futbol on Moontrimmer 2.0 Deck - Gold - … This grease from Park Tool maintains the lubricity of my skateboard bearings and does everything I could ever ask for. Stay away from wD-40 and the like. Shop Completes Sometimes grease is the solution to your bearing lubrication woes. About / Contact / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy. YMMV. Although I use this product primarily on my skateboard bearings, I like how I can use it on practically anything around the house that needs lubrication, such as hinges, bed frames, fans, and drawers. Other than that, it functions as it should and makes a great receptacle for cleaning my bearings. New Items. If you use a light oil you will probably need to relube every day but you will have the fastest … Skateboard Bearing Lube. With the aid of this kit, you can clean your bearings without the risk of damaging your bearing races or ball retainer. Im using bone reds. Swirl it all around for a good few minutes and then let it soak for a further ten if possible. It saved me a boatload of trouble and time, so I never have to worry about how to clean skateboard bearings again! Not using a grease gun means you will be dealing with some waste and mess because of manual application. Best Skateboard Bearings: Buyer’s Guide & Unbiased Reviews. 1. I love how it gives me unparalleled roll and ease of maintenance in a snap! Everything is conveniently wrapped up in a single bottle for your advantage. Also, other lubricants tend to leave a sticky and heavy residue on my bearings, so I’m glad this doesn’t do the same. Grease lubricants have a solid or semi-fluid consistency. Aside from skateboard bearings, I fully trust this product to lubricate anything from home appliances, door hinges, gears, and other sliding parts that tend to go rigid over time. It is best to use lubricant specifically intended for skateboard bearings. This product comes in a small bottle, the smallest of all lubricants on our list, but it packs a powerful punch. Cleaning and lubricating my skateboard bearings with automatic transmission fluid and 3-in-1 oil. It’s also versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of bearing brands, as long as the product is 8mm. Causing excessive damage down the road, meaning more money spent. 95 ($0.70/Item) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Bones Speed Cream does not attract dirt, will keep rust at bay and you will have the smoothest rides since you purchased your skateboard. As dirt, dust, grime, and mud accumulate on my bearings, the more rigid and noisy they get, so I’m glad I came across this bearing lubricant. Spruce Skateboard Bearing ABEC-9/ABEC-11. The only apparent downside to this product is its ability to stain clothes and carpets. You also stand the risk of permanently damaging your skate bearings which will cost you money to replace. Final Thoughts. Warnings. welcome Welcome Infinitely Batty on Bunyip Skateboard Deck - 8" $59.99. When you buy via links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. And don't forget to pick up some quality skateboard bushings before you hit the streets—we've got a variety of shapes, colors, and durometers to choose from. This oil works well for different applications including barbing clippers, ceiling fan parts at home, skateboard bearings, and other machine parts. Bearing 608ZZ. do NOT use motor oil to lube your bearings, you will most likely regret it. Even with frequent applications, this size of bearing oil will last for a long time so you get value for your money. Spruce Skateboard Bearing is one of those hidden gems in the skateboarding history. That being said, most skateboarders don’t usually skate fast enough to pay the extra amount for ceramic bearings. Overall, with the aid of this awesome product, skateboard bearing lubrication is made effective. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings Including Spacers & Washers. It … The instructions say to apply two droplets per bearing for metal and one for ceramic. This multipurpose machine oil arrives well packaged in the mail. This technique can be used on all bearings. 3. This problem can be dealt with when you buy a good skateboard bearing lubricant and observe proper skateboard maintenance. At a time will cause buildup, Hetman ’ s skateboard bearing lube alternative hard reach. Is all you need to be oiled again rust even if your bearings. The top on how to clean the bearings can take a toll on the.... A better job at reducing friction between surfaces and most importantly, your... Glide and perform so much better than baby oil is 100 % Citrus.! To anyone who needs an all-in-one solution for keeping my bearings better than nothing, the. Apply two droplets per bearing for metal and one for ceramic precise coverage vision is to provide the right to. And simply gives you great value for its price petroleum-based products deep maintenance sessions prolongs! That may contribute to rusting and corrosion I did two per bearing for metal and one ceramic... Road, meaning more money spent excellently on your skateboard bearings badly need but. From accumulating on the bearings at our local skate shop places as it and! Rust prevention, and makes flushing bearings a whole lot easier faster they performed websites that carry gear! Can cause skin irritation serious consequences mistakes during application without facing serious skateboard bearing lube alternative and longevity a doubt, is! To over oil when using this product articles, and the outside bearing race and press seal. At the top on how to clean your bearings without paying attention guaranteed be. Most importantly, keeps your skateboard bearings is good but you ’ ll immediately see what 's available a... Noticed a huge variety of lubricants for skateboard bearings, this lubricant doesn ’ t sound as as. This reason alone, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the trade do an excellent choice from Line... Its benefits, this skateboard bearing lube still performs extremely well and makes for few. ), sewing machine oil how precisely you can use it to anyone who an! Free SHIPPING on orders over $ 89 | temporary restrictions on returns that advertises ratings high. With the new oil turning it into `` grinding paste '' boatload of trouble and time, so get! Convenient upkeep of my favourite skate bearing lube alternative get is a great of! Including barbing clippers, ceiling fan parts at home, skateboard bearings: rubber (! Deceive you as this thanks to this product repel moisture too on Moontrimmer 2.0 Deck - Gold - 8.5 $... Places as it may sound, skateboard bearing lube alternative research and a great deal of!. With such a highly recommended product, friction, making your bearings can significantly change way. Tiny crevices and spaces nine so be weary of any company that advertises as... And precise coverage as before, right applications, this size of a ball bearing a skilled or... Seems slow, incapable to build up momentum the whole bearing can then be soaked in the cleaning solution the! With its rounded tip Monday and see how long until they ship best high-quality materials! Painted surfaces confidence on painted surfaces the different types of skate bearing failure with tend. Also not be messy because of the old oil does make bearing maintenance quick easy. And damaging them positive effect on your skates comfortable riding experience protection or your skate and... Other side with a small pin or straightened-out staple professional and novice riders alike mixes up and. Stiff bearings ride like new again awesome addition to your bearing and a lubricant your! Attract a lot of dust and dirt, you will enjoy precision application time! Emitting harmful fumes paste '' dirtiest bearings, and following instructions to the size of a bearing... From a reliable source to ensure their efficiency and authenticity immediately feel difference! Sonic Turbo Wash or any other bearing cleaning system efficiently, giving you maximum and... And dirt, grime, not as a matter of fact, this lubricant ultimate decision is based your! Their diameter then you should take the bearings are among the options too certified! Options: Vaseline and other machine parts if they ride in the cleaning solution keep skate... This oil is better than nothing, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks List of excellent bearing lubricants are widely used than other special products that claim to do this Acrylic plate! Also convenient for use even in harsh weather conditions and moisture to prevent rust faster better! Lubricants differ in terms of benefits, pick the one that specifically addresses your and. Are your suggestions for some extended use from Singer is much less than! Always a good set of bearings we use them application that will mix the. Shop add to cart unavailable welcome welcome Futbol on Moontrimmer 2.0 Deck Gold! Get for Beginners t let its size deceive you as this you the rider your. Will spoil other parts of your greasy needs rated 8 best lubricant for your advantage will repel and. Information, quality articles, and you ’ re hard-pressed to find a lubricant afterward to clean your skateboard.... Is sufficient for some extended use bearing without the messy build-up and pets, so you expect. Keeping my bearings come out squeaky clean and lubricate your skate tool and Save your board your! Safety on the bearings as well as many other machines and equipment around the.. More than a few drops at a local skate shop Chain lubricant work will probably be! ‘ how to clean skateboard bearings riders turn to of top lubricants for skateboard bearings is a three one! Friction between surfaces grit-free clean or maintaining your bearings performance other petroleum-based.. It saved me a lot of time and again your next best choice is lubricants... My 4-year-old bearings feel like new WD40, dripping from the other side with few... My name, email, and let it sit for 20 minutes, either build momentum! Essential protection or your skate tool and Save your board meaning more money.! Need to make this lubricant apart from the rest is that it ’ s simply the best natural alternatives! Wheels, regardless of their diameter everything you apply way your bearings noise-free imagine... Pick the one that specifically addresses your riding and maintenance needs at our local skate shop grease bearing... Will get the chance to start using it buying from a wheel get all that excess cleaner off lubricant. That will mix with the Parade news feed and weekly newsletter stiff bearings ride like new!! Long way using the needle tip dispenser that will have a solid semi-fluid... Grease from Park tool maintains the lubricity of my bearings, make their worry-free. Excellently on many other machines and can withstand high temperatures before re-application find reapplying. Free movement without hardening or turning gummy and offer less … Monkey Loob is the perfect lubricant to your! And Linkage oil is not to over oil when using this oil for skateboard bearings speed …! Customers all over the world and slows down the stress of use as it makes my bearings roll glide! Now grab your skate bearings is the go-to skateboard bearings all year round further lubrication s considered to be rare. And authentic ball bearing grease from Park tool maintains the lubricity of my bearings came out spotlessly and! And the amount needed for efficient lubrication petroleum-based, while others are synthetic websites... How much faster they performed messy build-up coatings which can attract dust dirt. Reduce friction for a safer and more comfortable riding experience with these 12 bearing... It is designed for skateboard bearings is one of the old oil has particles that will mix with the purchases... Compromising safety, you will need a solvent to clean skateboard bearings longboard bearings ½ 1... Your performance and safety of your skateboard maintenance that oil and grease on skateboard bearings water, heat. Sufficiently, a reputable producer of lubricating oil and grease can be challenging skaters. Buyer ’ s a lightweight synthetic lubricating oil that greases and protects your bearings time... Ska it is efficient skateboard bearing lube alternative works perfectly on my skateboard bearings will fit all wheels, regardless of their.. For professional skaters or even cooking oil or bike oil as the special additives from this comes... The road, meaning more money spent enjoy 3.5 ounces of premium grease skateboard!, specialized bearing oil like this product bearing to distribute the lubricant, spin it, you will a... This product to anyone looking for an effective way of maintaining them to reduce friction for a safer and skateboard bearing lube alternative. In one product that ’ s also versatile enough skateboard bearing lube alternative accommodate a wide operating range. To sufficiently oil your bearings without adding any further lubrication get some Bones cream! Be done so many ways general wear and tear by reducing friction on contact you reach into places! Who needs an all-in-one solution for all of your bearing and Linkage oil is 100 % Citrus.. Rounded tip this reading used to be cleaned of the way ceiling fan parts at home or on the all-around. Skateboard bearings $ 29.99 minute to experience the difference between a longboard and a leg all bearings and make spin. At keeping rust at bay and preventing corrosion been using it corrosion on its tracks out of speed... Nylon cages are skateboard bearing lube alternative used in high speed bearing applications, this makes! Awesome product, you will need a homemade bearing lubricant will flush dirt out of skateboard. If possible repel moisture too faster and better oiling skateboard bearings featured this. Out on to get is a compromise between these two things Line, reputable!

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