After two years of waiting, we finally got to see what was happening with Finn, Rey, and Poe out there in the a galaxy far, far away. The most ideal way for all of this to go, if we’re being really honest, is for Kylo Ren to throw himself in front of a lightsaber or a blaster bolt for Rey. “I’m impressed. “There’s a scene in the film and in the book where Rey has come aboard the Millennium Falcon, and Han Solo can’t get things to work, and she fixes it,” Foster said. Selectively reducing it to murderer and hero fall in love does a disservice to the rad and transcendental storytelling going here. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Lucasfilm / courtesy Everett Collection. Copyright © 2021 Penske Business Media, LLC. If Rey go so low as to date that whiny, angsty, backstabbing sorry little ****, I will puke. The First Order has this giant cannon, and the Resistance fighters — including Finn, Rose, and Poe — hop on rusty, old fighter ships to try and destroy it. Like all good plans, it doesn’t last. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Rey and Kylo's relationship is one of Star Wars' most divisive topics. In the course of trying to run away, however, Finn meets — and is stopped by — Rose Tico, a totally new character. What do you think? In The Idhun Chronicles, the parallels are very uncanny. Rey is first seen healing a beast on Pasaana, then mends the lightsaber wound she delivers to Kylo Ren during their duel on Kef Bir. Rey and Kylo fight, swapping weapons and working together in perfect harmony, in the closest thing Star Wars has ever had to a sex scene. Kylo Ren in TFA: Rejects his father’s offer for redemption. Maybe Rey and Rose will become BFFs! The Last Jedi caught us up with all our new favorite characters — and then gave us even more to worry about in the wait for Episode IX, which isn't set to be released until 2019. We're making assumptions about Finn and Rey's sexuality and about narrative needs. The breathless, action-packed film left little time to explore every relationship in-depth, so we're left wondering if Finn loves Rey in The Last Jedi. Just before this, Kylo Ren easily took down Finn, who has spent his entire life in combat training, and was not suffering from a … He searches for this “protective” love through his sexual partners, but the women who fit this criteria are few and far between. Tempts Rey to the dark side. Why do you measure and compare how much of it she has for Finn and how much for Kylo....maybe Finn doesn't need her compassion? Han is literally murdered by the result of their love, their son Kylo Ren, and two movies later, Leia spends her own dying breath trying to save him. Kylo Ren quotes talking to Poe. ... Rey's friend was hurt by Kylo Ren personally and to such a degree that he ended up in a coma. Secondly, Rey spent The Last Jedi really vibing with Kylo. Throughout The Last Jedi, Finn remains extremely concerned for Rey. After the Pasaana incident, Rey explains to a perplexed Finn and Poe that the Force allows her to transfer her own life essence into others, essentially healing wounds, damage or illness. Some fans felt the franchise just focused too much on their romance, and at the wrong times, too. Does this explain how Rey and Finn were able to hang with Kylo Ren in the final lightsaber battle? John Boyega Explains Why Big Franchise Movies Can Be 'Luxury Jail for an Actor', The Must-Read Books and Comics That Explore the New Era of 'Star Wars' Storytelling: The High Republic, 40 Directors Pick Favorite Horror Movies: Tarantino, del Toro, Bong Joon Ho, and More. She’s rejected him as Kylo Ren, and she has no idea that Ben is … As Rey climbs into a pod and prepares to face Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke, she tells Chewbacca to tell Finn… After all, Rey does love Ben Solo. 43. Finn/Rey in TFA: Risk their lives defending each other against Kylo Ren (honestly this should kind of be a big clue already). The question shouldn’t be how did Finn and Rey beat him. But by then, things are far more complicated than they ever could have been. What do you think? It's pretty clear throughout that movie that there's some positive, loving feelings between Finn and Rey — though not necessarily romantic ones. Along her way to deliver BB-8 to the Resistence, she also meets and become friends with Han Solo and Chewbacca. Whoever even thought of Kylo and Rey being a couple are the people I will thank for ruining the Sequel Trilogy for me. “I killed Han Solo. “Not so much with the characters, because the characters are fairly well-established in a screenplay. Finn decides to martyr himself to destroy the cannon by flying right into it, but THEN Rose flies into his ship to stop him. Foster has no plans at this time to make public his “Episode IX” treatment. This isn’t going to change. So Ren got up from a shot that would have murdered any other man, walks it off, and then goes down into the forest to fight Finn and Rey as he is leaking blood all over the place. Thankfully, if recent rumors are true, the relationship between Rey and the son of Solo will never come to pass. One plot point the treatment retconned was how Rey “suddenly had more Force powers than anybody.” Foster came up with a storyline where Rey had a disease that required replacing part of her brain with mechanics, thus making her part droid and more able to quickly acquire a new skillset. Many would argue that the fruition of the Rey and Kylo Ren romantic coupling was driven not by story but by sheer fan demand. When The Last Jedi starts, Finn wakes up from being treated for his injuries, and he immediately wants to know where Rey is at. 40. Okay not "ruined" but made me dislike the whole thing very much. On the Falcon, Rey sees Finn caring for Rose, who is still recovering from saving him. Rose is a maintenance worker on the ship, and soon after meeting Finn, she becomes his new adventure partner in Rey's absence. Director Rian Johnson revealed that the Blu-ray/DVD release will include 20 … However, Rey later hears Ren's side of the night he turned to the dark side, and … Foster was also forced to cut a line of dialogue he added to a scene between Rey and Han Solo. He's too busy training to be a Jedi and fighting evil. But there is no reason to assume he would just fall a woman he only spoke to a few times in his life. Rey faces Kylo Ren, who is admittedly wounded, but should be more than a match for someone who has never used a lightsaber before. Head over to Midnight’s Edge’s video page to watch Foster’s full interview in its entirety. However, it’s clear that these two are quite incompatible: Rey wants to seek out a larger purpose, and Finn wants to find the most convenient place to hide. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Unfortunately, their love story ended before it even began with Ben dying to save her shortly after their kiss. In case you don't remember, The Force Awakens saw Finn, a former First Order stormtrooper who switches sides, team up with Rey, a scavenger... who's casually connected to the Force. It bothers me because Finn chases after Rey the entire damn movie, while she is running towards Kylo Ren. It turns out Finn’s crush on Rey was originally played up a lot more in The Last Jedi. Finn wants nothing more than to make sure Rey is safe. Finn learns that Rey is using a pair of bracelets that act as sort of trackers, so if she wants to get back to the Resistance, she just has to follow the tracker bracelet. Rey and Kylo's relationship is one of Star Wars' most divisive topics. It bothers me because Finn chases after Rey the entire damn movie, while she is running towards Kylo Ren. – Kylo Ren. Rey was a scavenger of the desert planet Jakku while waiting for the return of her family. elizabetholsen, falcon, kyloren. Series. Finn pulls Rose back to safety, and the Resistance is able to escape thanks to Rey, who finally reunites with Finn, and the Millennium Falcon. To że Finn z Rose mają u mnie zerowe przebicie, czy to jako potencjalna "para", czy jako postaci indywidualne nie wzbudzają najmniejszego zainteresowania, nie oznacza że automatycznie i ciut infantylnie rzucę się na naszą czarnowłosą parkę głównych bohaterów, z okrzykiem: "Rey & Kylo … And, yes, OMG, boys and girls can be friends with each other. Not the healthiest way to star a relationship. I just don't see how the two could ever work as a couple, especially after rewatching TFA. Probably not. Finn is so scared that she'll come back to the Resistance's ship and be killed by the First Order that he tries to run away with the tracking bracelet. Oscar Season Burning Questions: IndieWire Answers Readers About a Most Unusual Season, Oscar Season Has a Long Way to Go: Here Are the Contenders Most People Haven’t Seen Yet, 10 Ways 2020 Changed the Film Industry, from Streaming Wars to Film Festivals, How ‘Gunda’ Captured the Hypnotic Images and Vivid Sounds of a Pig’s Life — Toolkit, The Art of ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets’ Is Not Its Manufactured Setup – Toolkit, ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’: Kirsten Johnson Made Cinema Magic Out of Embracing the Unknown, 35 Must-See New Movies to See This Fall Season, The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2021, At Last, ‘Gomorrah’ Is the Prestige Drama That HBO Max Needs, ‘Soul’: How Pixar Designed a Tactile New York and an Ethereal Great Before for Its First Black-Led Feature. The Kylo Ren and Rey Romance in Star Wars Doesn’t Need to Exist Does Rey lose validity as a hero if she falls in love? Many are deeply invested in whatever is going on between Finn and Poe, but just as many are wondering what might happen between Rey and Kylo Ren… Finn gets injured, but Rey is able to beat Kylo back. The Last Jedi picks up right where The Force Awakens left us in 2015. And yet, this young Jedi’s case must be treated as a singularly exceptional moment in Star Wars history. “Also, it allows her to be instantly simpatico with other droids. They have a plan: find a way to hide from Snoke and then disappear into the outer rim. “That gives her the ability to learn remarkably quickly and also enhances her existing Force powers, and that’s how she can throw boulders around at the end of Episode VIII,” Foster said. Races back to the resistance to help Finn and her friends escape certain death at the hands of Kylo Ren (honestly this should kind of be a big clue already). Part 3 of constructive interference; Language: English Words: 10,269 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 18 Kudos: 26 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 214 And we all know why zero happened with it — and there’s no need to go into it in-depth — but that’s, sadly, just the way things are.”. 42. Does this explain how Rey and Finn were able to hang with Kylo Ren in the final lightsaber battle? for Фаны of Kylo Ren & Rey. In the last act of the movie, Rey and Finn face off against Kylo Ren. At this moment, Kylo Ren has just killed his father. Her adventure begins when she encounters the Resistance droid BB-8 and the former stormtrooper Finn (FN-2187). We know from TLJ and from the script and the novel that 1) Kylo didn’t hate Han, and 2) he immediately feels that the … Kylo Ren and Finn have run from the First Order together. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.) According to a recent report from Making Star Wars, Episode IX will feature a kiss, but it will not be Rey and Kylo Ren. Firstly, Finn and Rey's love for each other is never explicitly romantic. Last edited: Dec 22, 2020. READ ALSO: I decided to post this Star Wars fanfic-like thingy on Reddit. With a relationship with Finn out of the question, Poe is available for romance in … Though he doesn't teach Bella "BB" Dameron anymore, he's plenty happy with seeing her at home and in the school hallways. No, Kylo Ren had only just met her recently. Finn fights Kylo Ren and gets his ass beat.....againI DO NOT OWN THIS FOOTAGEALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY AND LUCASFILM Likewise, that's Rey's current journey. “I expected to see that developed further in [‘The Last Jedi’],” Foster said. I thought that was a wonderful way of connecting the character to the first film and the first story. Overly Devoted Archivist Uncategorized anakin skywalker, ben solo, finn, finnrey, han solo, kylo ren, padme amidala, rey, star wars 0 Comments. Thirdly, fans make big leaps when we start shipping couples. Alan Dean Foster is a legend among “Star Wars” fans as the author of the 1976 novelization of George Lucas’ original movie, published six months before the film’s opening under the title “Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker.” Foster stuck with the franchise to pen an original 1978 sequel book, “Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye,” and then returned in 2015 when asked by J.J. Abrams to write the official novelization for “The Force Awakens.” In a recent interview with Midnight’s Edge, Foster opened up about the creative process behind writing his “Star Wars” books. All that being said, considering what was set up between the two, it's not as unlikely as one would assume. This plan takes them to another planet, where they bond while doing normal things like getting locked in jail and freeing caged, horse-like creatures. Kylo Ren and Finn have run from the First Order together. The perplexing scene gave way to several fan theories and a few unconventional hypotheses. “That weapon is mine!” – Kylo Ren. With this, there might be a setup for a love triangle in Episode IX. I thought this would be a really fun story element, as well as explaining why and how she’s able to do these remarkable things.”. Two years ago when The Last Jedi released, I published a piece in which I reimagined the film with new conflicts of interest and intersecting motivations for Rey, Luke, and Kylo Ren… John Boyega’s Finn and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron are both options of support for Rey as she tries to build something new out of the ashes of her first attempt to reach Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren is a disturbed, self destructive man who is not all right in the right. In episode 7, The Force Awakens, they have a lightsaber duel and even most of episode 8, The Last Jedi, Rey hates Kylo Ren and again tries to kill him with a blaster. For every good deed Rey performs, Kylo Ren commits an … Rey is the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy, and her bond with Kylo Ren through the Force is a huge part of her story throughout the three movies. Probably not. I thought fans would love that, and they made me take it out.”. Kylo Ren and his docility/dependence on Rey make for very a close second. And then there was the controversially tender moment between Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her former foe Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). “Prepare my ship!” – Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, Rey's pretty busy, like, you know, training to be a Jedi and trying to turn Kylo Ren away from the dark side. She is one of the three protagonists (alongside Anakin and Luke Skywalker) of the Skywalker Saga, serving as the protagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Kills father. Rey, born Rey Palpatine, and later self-proclaimed as Rey Skywalker, is one of the protagonists of the Star Wars franchise. Rey hates Kylo Ren, the man who tortured her, killed Han Solo, wants to destroy the Resistance, and tried to kill her, too. Also just to mention, let's not immediately assume that two women will see each other as rivals. But The Rise of Skywalker ends with no such confession of love ever taking place.In fact, we never learn what Finn was going to say to Rey in that moment. When Rey escaped Jakku with Finn and BB-8, who was carrying the map to Luke Skywalker, Kylo went ballistic. - He is incredibly manipulative . When Rey first sees Kylo Ren’s real face in The Force Awakens, he tries to read her mind in order to extract the information about the infamous Skywalker map. The reunion is really sweet — they run up to each other with big smiles and share a huge embrace. The Rise of Kylo Ren, ... and finally the Disney trilogy centering on Rey, who of course … Read Chapter 1 from the story Stolen Kisses (a Kylo Ren x Rey x Finn love triangle story) DISCONTINUED by thechunkysquirrel (Maddie) with 601 reads. Later, she learns about her Force sensitive powers and becomes a Jedi Knight fighting for the Resistence. Kylo Ren in TLJ: Assumes the role of Supreme Leader of the evil First Order by killing his own master. Rose kisses Finn... and faints. And then I had him say, ‘Don’t get cocky, kid.’ Which, of course, is a throwback to what he says to Luke in the first film. Video of Kylo Ren x Rey// Do Ты belive in life after love? “Han says something to the effect of ‘good work’ or ‘good job,’ reluctantly, he says it. Foster called “The Last Jedi” both “a terrible film” and “a terrible ‘Star Wars’ film,” adding that his treatment “attempted to explain a lot of the really silly things that happened” in “The Last Jedi.” The treatment was written for fans and was not something Disney commissioned. Part 3 of constructive interference; Language: English Words: 10,269 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 18 Kudos: 26 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 214 The camera focuses a close-up on Finn. … And yet, this young Jedi’s case must be treated as a singularly exceptional moment in Star Wars history. After killing Han, Kylo looks up to see Rey and Finn (1:50:13). Credit: MollyAxa It didn’t go down well (sigh) but I did explain in the comments why I had Finn and the others face those particular obstacles. Some things they said to take out, and some things they left alone. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. The two characters are not romantically involved in “The Force Awakens” movie, but Foster said Abrams’ screenplay was “obviously the beginnings of a relationship” between Finn and Rey. Let Rey do her thing. When the moment came, I didn’t hesitate!” – Kylo Ren. All rights reserved. According to the most popular point of view on this Reddit group, Finn struggled so much to get Rey's attention and find the right time and place and do everything in an orderly fashion because he was in love with her. So, while there could be a love triangle between Rey and Finn and Rose (or Rey and Finn and Kylo, or Finn and Kylo and Poe) in Episode IX, there also very well may be, well, nothing when it comes to romance. No one has been able to get out of you what you did with the map.” – Kylo Ren. Speaking of “The Last Jedi,” Foster also revealed the existence of a treatment he wrote for an “Episode IX” book that retconned the events of Rian Johnson’s second installment of the sequel trilogy. Kylo and Rey represent two halves of adolescence and becoming who you are. As Kylo Ren is not only the other half of this Force dyad, but also a main villain, he arguably has the most going on, and is the real main character as a result. She wears one, and General Leia wears the other. The final act of The Last Jedi is a big battle between the few surviving members of the Resistance, who retreated to the planet Crait (where there's an old Rebel base), and the First Order, led by Kylo. The Usurper wants a specific sort of affection and is emotionally vulnerable without it. Series Foster was forced to remove any inclination of a romance between the characters in his “The Force Awakens” book, as the film’s would later develop a sort-of romance between Finn and Rose Tico (introduced in “The Last Jedi” but nonexistent in “The Rise of Skywalker”) and a will-they-won’t-they between Rey and Kylo Ren (introduced in “The Last Jedi” and sealed with a kiss in “The Rise of Skywalker,” but Abrams said it was more a “brother-sister thing”). In The Idhun Chronicles, the parallels are very uncanny. Rey and Kylo Ren (or Ben Solo), two sides of the same Force coin, represent the latest struggle to balance out the Force. “I had no idea we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board. When it comes to Rey, I'd say it depends whether JJ decides to kill off Kylo Ren. This moment is referenced later in the movie when Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca are about to be executed aboard Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer in orbit around Kijimi. After Gotta Love The Little Things, Ben Solo's since moved in and been adopted into the Dameron family; Finn and Poe Dameron, and Rey Jakksun, their girlfriend. To make it short, Kylo Ren ended up redeeming himself after a touching pep talk with his dead-but-not-a-force ghost-father and actually sacrificed himself to force heal Rey back to life. She is tr… They have a plan: find a way to hide from Snoke and then disappear into the outer rim. He wants to turn Rey to the dark side, but there is nothing to indicate such a thing is a romantic obsession. Kylo Ren will die for Rey. War can keep you busy. Read OBSOLETE from the story Obsolete | KYLO REN by rebelspies with 9,832 reads. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. He reveals that he didn't hate his father. The question shouldn’t be how did Finn and Rey beat him. Kylo Ren states that Rey still sees him as a monster, and Rey angrily replies that she does.

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