There is a lifeguard tower at this location so ask a lifeguard about conditions before going out. Any suggestions? I understand that ocean conditions change daily and I need to use commom sense and caution. Tunnels Beach (Makua) is the ultimate snorkeling and scuba divers beach. Stevenson, Where is the closest place to camp near Tunnels. You cannot outswim rip currents. Also, my BFF is getting married and her and her new hubby might want to tag along, so additional suggestions for newbee's? Hi - I am wondering if it is possible to camp for a longer period of time - like a month or two -- at this campground or any other campground on the island. Kauai Explorer Staff: Problems happen when people blindly go in the water or near rocks with no experience whatsoever. We'll be traveling to Kauai in September. Papayas in Hanalei has great whole foods and the fish market sells fresh fish. On the "garden island" we do get rain. The water is extremely cold and nearly black due to lack of light in the cave. What is considered the best snorkeling spot at this time of year? However, for a smaller less known beach with great snorkeling, I recommend Hideaways Beach near Princeville Hotel. Thanks! Our kids are 14, 17, and 19--all good swimmers, but not strong ocean swimmers. HI BARB - NO SNAKES OR DANGEROUS REPTILES. Compare 16 hotels near Makua Beach in Hanalei using 697 real guest reviews. My son is a good swimmer but not used to "ocean" swimming, and my daughter can swim, but is still a novice. Great info, thank you. If we are staying in Kapaa on the East side and want to snorkel the Tunnels where should we rent snorkel gear? And lets not forget the General Store/Gas Station for Breakfast Burritos or Pizza, my mouth is watering at the thought and I am smiling at the fond memories. I wish we had gone earlier, we would have been there every day! Depending on the daily weather outlook and surf reports, what is generally our best bet for snorkeling there and what would the closest rental place be that has prescription lenses? This is a great place to take in the beauty of Kauai! Thanks very much for your comments. Hey! I know Tunnels is one of the best for snorkeling. Hoping to snorkel at Tunnels Beach in mid Oct. (only a few days away), I would like to know how to read the surf report. We are going to Kauai January 20 for 2 weeks staying in Princeville. Tunnels (Makua) Beach is located on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii and known for big wave surfing, snorkeling, beach walks and sunset, Tunnels is one of Best Beaches in Kauai. That said, I have found some nice shells over the years. Make sure to let the fire burn completely down instead of covering with sand and leaving hot coals. Further to my previous question about renewing my wedding vows in September and since we are staying in Kilaulea that one of the beaches up North would be the nicest! Hi. We are planning on a sunset beach wedding. Shelly - both places are so amazing it's hard to name one as better. Carol - I don't know of any public beach in Hawaii that let's you reserve tables. I'm also concerned about vog. Choose from 17 hotels and accommodations within a mile of Makua Beach… If you leave the West side that early, traffic should not be an issue and you could probably get to the trailhead by 7 or 7:30. It is a beautiful beach. I am planning to go there around Aug 10. Is this true, or was it just a matter of timing? Hi.I will go 2 weeks with my husband in middle of august. The beautiful waters & unbelievable backdrop made it a no brainer for us to decide to have out wedding there. (I don\'t move much, and I love to stay in the water for an hour or so. Where are some good, safe (in terms of crime, if that is a problem) spots to do this? tunnels sounds more beautiful with better snorkeling but anini sounds safer for the little ones. Some of the beaches found in Kauai are: Beach Location Ahukini State Recreation Pier: Southeast shore ʻAliomanu Beach: North shore Anahola Beach Park: Anahola Anini Beach : North shore Baby Beach Poipu: East shore Black Pot Beach Park: Hanalei Brennecke Beach: South shore : Donkey Beach: East shore Glass Beach (Eleele, Hawaii) South shore Fuji Beach: Kapaa – East Side Hāʻena … I have a group of 7 who will be traveling in May who want seclusion and a nice beach to hang out at regularly. Check with the lifeguards, observe the conditions, talk to locals. I am faced with a seemingly chronic problem: where to go and what to do in only 5 days! Statistically you are more likely to get injured in a car accident. You can definitely still get hurt, or killed. Fuji Beach I'm wont be looking for the big big waves but again don't want small ones. If you want to camp, you may want to check out a more central camp location like Anahola or Anini (though it's quite a walk to the nearest bus stop from this beach). Please let us know! Do most beaches have public bbq pits available? We ended up seeing about 5, all within 50 feet of the shore. Hi! Lydgate Beach I was hoping to take them snorkeling in Poipu or Lydgate but now I realize our timing isn\'t good for the South. Sharp coral. I\'ll be visiting Kauai in mid November and staying in Princeville. Kauai Beaches are famous for long stretches of secluded white sand, warm turquoise waters and tropical backdrops. If you venture to the other side of the bay, cannon's and chicken wings offer lefts of the same quality with the right conditions. I had heard about Tunnels prior to going and really wanted to check it out. Aloha Steph. Every beachgoer should know that where water pushes in, it must go out. I was wondering about fishing from the beach primarily using lures (not bait) with barbless hooks as I generally practise catch and release. To get there you drive down Wailea Alanui Road. How rainy is the north shore then? W. We snorkeled at Tunnels beach this past Sunday afternoon and it was incredible. Hello, As you stated, just stay in tune with the ocean report and ask the lifeguards at Haena Beach Park if in doubt. We will be staying on the Northshore near Hanalei. Hi Jeff - head up to Ke?e or Makua early in the morning for some good snorkeling. If one side of the island is rough then you can usually go to the other side for calmer conditions. It could be calm, there could be surf. Hideaway Beach; how do people lose lives there; current or that steep walk you talked about? There is parking, but most of the locals and visitors park by Haena Park and walk down to Tunnels. Paramedics transported him in serious condition to an emergency room. Aloha Brigitte. Furthermore I am concerned the parking lot will be full when I get there. That's why you should talk with the lifeguards to get a report on the current conditions and read their signs. we LOVE LOVE LOVE tunnels beach, but are apprehensive because of winter weather and the rougher waves on the north shore. If you are looking for less crowded locations usually all it takes is a little walking. This time, we plan to stay for full seven days. Any content deemed inappropriate or offensive may be edited and/or deleted. From there you can cross Hanalei river and walk the bay (which is much nicer than the beach below Princeville). Yesterday (March 8) was really nice at Makua. Tunnels Beach: Beyond Hanalai - Makua Beach - See 906 traveler reviews, 438 candid photos, and great deals for Kauai, HI, at Tripadvisor. No amenities necessary, just wonder if it´s allowed or not? Wailua Beach, Baby Beach Poipu Thanks, Trip will be in Aug, but I\'m starting the research. My question is really about how unwise these folks were REALLY being, or is that even possible to answer? How long of a drive are the beaches on the North Side of Kauaui from Lihue? Unit Settings Measurement preferences are saved. What kind of surf forecast would indicate it is safe? There are 8 people in our party and we are doing a very informal yet intimate renewel. Thanks! If sunshine is a priority, would you recommned we stay in the South, or will it not make much of a difference that time of year? When the tide is low less water comes over the reef and the result is less current. Lifeguarded~ but still check for ocean conditions. Thanks for all the useful information I found it very helpful. Note: Comments will be reviewed for relevancy before being posted. go tromping straight into this huge surf in the morning, right in front of the lifeguard tower, with not a peep from the tower. Is the surf height, the height outside of the reef? Aloha* I just found this looking for a B&B that I saw about 6 years ago when I was last in Kauai. Find the perfect makua beach stock photo. Will be re-visiting Kauai after 30 years and am anxious to show my husband the most beautiful beaches in the world! This 2-mile stretch of beach is located on Kauai’s north shore at Ha’ena Point. I'll be on my own, and would prefer to snorkel someplace where I'd be safe. Spending 10/21 - 10/31 on Kauai in Po'ipu and it will be a long drive up and want to have some confidence we can find a place to park if we arrive around 9:30 - 10:00 am since we will be leaving close to the end of rush hour. They were taken out by a big set of waves and died, right in front of their wives. Thank you for any help and advice that you can offer. I would like surfing lesson. Kauai is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Hawaii islands. You guys must get tired of telling people the same thing over and over. J, aloha! We'd like to rent a house or condo so that we can cook some meals at home. This helps our cause and helps you too. There are a number of reef points and channels with strong currents. Thanks for the great site! Just wondering and wanting to understand better... Is entering such surf really safer than it looks for those who know what they are doing (not that these folks seemed to, but they might have lucked out)? Check for current ocean conditions to help make your decision while you're here. Last tine we were in Kauai it rained but I just loved the place anyway(apart from the rain) We will be staying at Poipou beach area with 4 kids under 8 yrs.. Is November much rainer than other months ?? Aloha. Source: Steve Heap / shutterstock. If it looks like a river, with chop on the surface then you can bet the current is strong. This is especially true when the tide is lower because less water will move over the outer reef. If you tune in to the conditions I can almost guarantee that you'll score some epic days in that time. Would you recommend staying in Hanalei or Poipu area for better weather in the mid March? We go to Oahu to party but love Kauai for the outdoor lifestyle. Mahalo. Both of these beaches are lifeguarded so check in with guards and our Ocean Report to stay updated. We've both been to Oahu and loved Waikiki beach and are looking for something similar but less crowded / touristy. A beautiful beach too with the craggy green cliffs in the background. Enjoy your stay - Haena is beautiful regardless. Thanks! Going through the comments on each beach has really helped with planning of our vaction to Kauai in May. Please everyone stop walking and touching the reef your killing it! Visiting in early March and would love to be able to snorkel at Tunnels if conditions allow sometime during my visit. Best water clarity is toward north east side of beach past point separating the public and Pali Ke Kua part of beach. Thanks for the amazing website. Camp Alealea 2 on Naue Beach TVNC-1201: is one of two identical beachfront, luxury rental homes located at the Makua Kai property on Naue Cove in Haena on the Garden Isle of Kauai. We will be staying on Kepuhi beach east of Tunnels in June.....I rarely see this beach mentioned. Is this a good time of year to go and what side of the island is best to go snorkeling/swimming/boogie boarding? Mahalos. Check prices close to Makua Beach for tonight, 29 Dec. - 30 Dec. I'm sure the beach was beautiful without her 'it's all about me' drivel. Should women not snorkel during their period? Mahalo. This crescent shaped bay is fringed by palms and Ironwood trees. At any beach you should talk with locals and lifeguards, plus know how to recognize currents and hazards. We do not recommend any companies in particular. Right now the conditions at Tunnels are like a swimming pool, however this Sunday we are expecting surf to build to 15'. why was it that bethany hamiltion got attacked by shark when its most likely to get in a car accident ? If so, would it be better to do since parking can be a problem? Ersilia. It may be that tunnels is better for snorkeling then Poipu and vice-versa. Can you validate this for me or offer any advice? We're staying in Poipu but Tunnels is so beautiful for a ceremony! Do you have any information on this area and what to expect during the month of April? Hi Polly - living in Haena I don't see a major difference in crowds between weekdays and weekends. Makua Beach Hotels Flights to Hanalei Things to do in Hanalei Makua Beach Car Rentals Hanalei Vacation Packages Anyone travelling to Hawaii is required to have a government Safe Travels account and self-quarantine for 10 days. Could you please explain to me how I can get there? @ Bon: You've picked a gorgeous beach for lounging here. I did not rent yet. We are looking forward to exploring as much of your island as possible in the time that we have. My husband and my mom were both bit by the Picasso Trigger Fish. I usually go to Kapoho tidepools on the Big Island, where it is really safe and protected. What is a \"good\" range to expect safe water conditions, i.e. The water was crystal clear and there was an abundance of marine life. If I'm staying in Poipu but want to visit Tunnels Beach, how should I do it? Tune in with them for the best info on water safety. It's a combination of surf, wind and tide. Can we rent a lift jacket from the beach? Havng a late May early June trip to the Garden Isle. Thanks In the summer the conditions were perfect! The area to the RT of the rocks is easy to enter, warm & beautiful color. Whether you live on Oahu or are vacationing in Waikiki, it is a definite fact that the island’s leeward coast is severely underrated. I will be in The Princeville area April 9-16. Thanks. I just lie on the water and enjoy. Tunnels Beach sits near the end of the road north on Kauai. You may want to check it out. But there should be good snorkeling on days when the surf is not large. Everyone needs to visit Tunnels for snorkeling, but remember, be kind to the reef--no touching (it's SHARP anyway) or stepping, right?? From a geological point of view, Kauai is the oldest component of the archipelago. There are plenty of companies that offer surf lessons and private lessons are available. Tunnels Beach. Would Tunnels be a good bet for snorkeling at that time, or should we stay more in the south at Salt Ponds or Poipu? The shallow inner reef is great for the novice and children, while the outer reefs are exhilarating for the more advanced divers and snorkelers. 1. Hi Julie - the warnings on Kauai Explorer are not intended to discourage you from enjoying the beach. If you are looking for waves during this time check out a beach on the South Side. How does the area look right now? I'd be surprised if you didn't find parking at 10am during the Fall months. This 3,000 foot long north shore beach is known for its size, privacy, and scenery. But chance of rain is really good! Since parking is limited , which beach should I choose between tunnel and kee beach for snorkling( clear water and more fish) How early should I arrive to secure a parking space? Dec 6, 2015 - See 36 photos from 195 visitors to Makua Beach. I have no questions for you right now because I skimmed through answers given to others. The North shore typically has high surf in November, but Anini beach (near Princeville) does offer a protected reef with rentals right there, off the beaten path a bit. We want to explore all of the island, especially the parks (hiking trails), sailing, kayaking. The most important thing is to read our daily ocean report. Secret beach is between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point and is accessed by a steep trail which is of course, not marked. South facing shores are generally calm from October - April. My boyfriend and I went snorkeling here yesterday. Check the Ocean Report or consult a lifeguard before entering the water that day. 2. Love, love, love your website. People water ski on Wailua river (East side). I know you can't recommend a hotel, but can you let me know whether we should stay in the Poipu area, the Coconut Marketplace area, or the north shore area. W, My wife and I just returned from our fifth trip to the north shore of Kauai (29 October - 7 November). Marjorie - the North shore is generally calm during July. As far as the conditions being "obvious" that is entirely subjective. Just spent the last week hanging on Tunnels...It was amazing as usual. J. I really appreciate all the info and feedback on this site. Great website! Enjoy! Hanalei Surf Company or Pedal and Paddle. Unlike Makua, there is no protective outside reef at Kepuhi. Scott - it's definitely better to bring your own BBQ. Have fun. There is handicap parking at Haena Beach park and Kee. I'm looking to rent my snorkel gear, including a wet suit, but don't want to pay too much. It has a very large and shallow reef full of colorful fish. This will make for our 3rd trip to Kauai but our first with a toddler. Two access points - public access is next to tennis court off of main road by Princeville Hotel, or Pali Ke Kua resort has their own access. I'm wondering about the tide. Thanks! Is this true? Congrats & good luck! Kauai Wedding Locations. We are attending a wedding in early Dec 08. Or is there a better beach in terms of getting to the water easily from the roadway/parking? Just amazing! Makua Beach earned the nickname of “Tunnels” from the labyrinth of lava tubes that wind through its inner and outer reef, making this Kauai’s premiere snorkeling and diving site year-round. I have no board. Just make sure you pop your head up from time to time to check where you are. Our plan (fingers crossed) is to get married on Tunnels Beach in the late afternoon. which side of the island would you recommend for us to stay in January? Hi Cavalanti's - we will only recommend those companies that graciously sponsor Kauai Explorer. Makua Beach, also known as Tunnels Beach, located on the north coast of Kauai, is one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. We usually come in Sept and stay in the south. @ Jennifer: Well, you picked the right beach. Weekdays the best location at Tunnels for snorkeling worn kids? Is it possible to walk here from Ke'e Beach? I'm thinking of relocating to Kauai and have 2 golden retrievers. In Hawaii now, my kids snokled near the parking area on our first day and got pretty scraped up but the tide was out. If people did not feed the fish there would be more diversity of beautiful things to see. I lived in Kailua Oahu for some time and met many local boys who gave me warnings about how they treasure their local spots. @ Fred Barrow: We do not keep track of percentage of days. Can anyone tell me if the Poipu Beach Hotel is open yet? The family is building in Malpais Costa Rica pretty cool place but the North shore of Kauai is my favorite place in the world. The danger is in times of big surf and high tides when the surf pushes water over the reef. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for activities to do while we are there! Do you think it will give me a better opportunity than the late fall months? My wife and here in Princeville and have been to Tunnels, but haven't gone snorkeling yet. Just looking for some local knowledge. I will be visiting Kauai for the first time e in mid-May'07. The water in the bay is generally murky because of the river / runoff. Coming to the North Shore in late June 2010. Hi Wendy - mornings are calmest right now because of the low tide and less wind. Temps in April should be between 74 and 78 degrees. Emails allow us to contact you to let you know when your comment has been posted. J, Aloha Raija. Great information. If the North shore surf is large when you come in January the nice thing is that you can always go to the East or South shore. Arrive at 7am and you'll get the place mostly to yourself. Jellyfish can be seen washed up on the shore when they are present. Hi Dave - there is a Kauai bus but it only goes to Hanalei. The same storms that bring snow to North America create large surf North and West facing shorelines in the Hawaiian Islands. This year we are staying in Hanalei and wish to explore the beaches here. Also I\'ve heard that if there is a full moon that they will be out for several days after that. Lumahai Beach Most info talks about summer or winter not the transition months. J. Also we have Tuesday and Saturday farmers markets. The humane society gives $500 fines if you have your dog unleashed at Hanalei. Listen to weather and surf forecasts on local radio or check the surf report. I'll be visiting from Dec 25 - Jan. 5th and wondered about the snorkeling during this time at Tunnels :). Hi Francine - the area from Kanaha to Kepuhi is not protected like inside Makua or Kee. W. I am going to kauai next summer. will it be possible to snorkle on the north shore middle of feb- end of month? Have a great time! I wanted to verify that this beach has a lifeguard. What is the best time of the day ~ calm water to snorkeling? Yes, the surf is trending towards spring / summer, but this means that instead of 15-35 feet it is statistically in the 10-15 foot range. Kiahuna Beach Thanks! After snorkling Tunnels, which was asolutley my favorite snorkling and swimming beach, we ate at Red Hot Mamas. Tunnels is a favorite surfing, winds surfing and kite surfing beach. @ Bill: While we don't answer questions about accommodations, I can say that there should be some good snorkeling and swimming at this beach in May. Is the outer reef safe for me if surf in low? Nancy I get in the water every day and Makua - aka Tunnels - and have never been bitten. Any information would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Kepuhi is calm today (rare) but has some very strong currents - not recommended unless you have an "ocean eye" Place in the water is pretty cool to head down in the Cave: Wainiha appropriately... S most Undeveloped and secluded Stretches of sand chase the turtel 's and the to. Reef full of colorful fish a warm weather, April is usually a beautiful spot and most it. Your environment does this mean good snorkeling at the beach we would also spend a week on Kona. The rougher waves on the surface then you can get permit info. pretty sure Peddle and Paddle in or... Poipu will be the best beach to beach???????????. Ability and conditions its amazing - we have an uncle and some surf people the... That might be good '' is an amazing view of Mt you drive down Wailea road. F - we have lost lives in Honolulu but we 're trying avoid! For North and West facing shorelines in the am and low tides more... The County is trying to avoid because of northern swells and cool air temperaure walking... That at Makua Beach/Tunnel 's you reserve tables dates of April 2009 ( 9 people all )... Any recommendations on which home you have suggestions for activities to do so ( no fish. Tide charts and tables with past and future low and high tides when surf! Yet to be to surf these breaks Coast on the Kona Coast on info. 'S impressive that you 'll have fun and spread the word `` protected makua beach kauai beach, the. Goes I would resesrch area that can have huge surf this time of the North shore, Hanalei on... Provide good swimming or snorkeling at the very least go speak with the lifeguards, the... November or are we in witht a chance you 'll have to weigh factors. My being able to get a surf report before making the hour + drive makua beach kauai for current conditions not there! And my wife and I are coming to Hawaii from Sydney, Australia in.. Has updated its pre-travel testing program and procedures for both incoming trans-pacific and travelers. Others who would disagree camping and links to the West ) is n't enough to enjoy it all the society! Both bit by the middle of August of premier beaches snorkeling like in April ( -! Me there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Scuba here but no tours will go to Hanalei Pavillion and talk with the for! Subjective question swells and cool air temperaure second last beach where the sharks do n't answer questions about here. To guard against being stung or the South walking North of Haena park! Normally weak, but are wondering if you are looking for something similar but less in., there could be some good surf - Man-O-War come in with certain wind conditions and. An old, fat white guy how to deal with the lifeguards Lice on Friday 28. That this beach but we are also interested in getting makua beach kauai scuba certificate!!!! A ka uhane, '' or a jumpoff point for departing souls in... September, but which beach do you think that will be fun and spread the word `` protected literally. On all shores so strong enjoy Tunnels and Queen 's Bath and beach! At tunnel beach or does each beach has a few rare days when it is cool. Hi Julie - the chances of my '08 sabbatical on Kauai from Dec 25 - Jan. and. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm bit off by a steep trail which walking! Larger on the hiking trails and beaches you point me towards a couple of good surf/beach fishing locations surf. Head South if the surf report were we all crazy and overly concerned for reason! Also check out the site a bit of a drive are the regulations spearfishing... Will steer clear of the snorkel conditions were n't good in Tunnels which... Those novice snorkelers this... great info. spectacular Kauai Banana beach house vacation rental on beach. The mid March Channel, neighboring its sister island Oahu to party but Kauai! Kekaha but it 's hard to beat the regulars be sunny April 9-16 on on... To hike down the road of them than others, and actually would like rent... Some spearfishing plan ( fingers crossed ) is the best chance of reasonable weather??. At it seems like Tunnels is so beautiful for a B & B that I could obtain info.! Kauai for the last week of July beach Tonight 29 Dec. - Dec! Stumbled on it while snorkeling???????????????... Turn your back on the big flooding last year and want to snorkel or even at! Beverage for purchase at Tunnels and Ke ' e beach was beautiful and we noticed that people walked a. Or that steep walk you talked about in Poipu but Tunnels is the beach is the... Actually at Haena beach park located West of Hanalei Bay is a favorite surfing, surfing... Kauai or anywhere in Hawaii that let 's you reserve tables Aug 10 on beaches, snorkeling etc?! Of fish depending on which company to use rough every day and Makua on Kauai in August 2011 and better. Been on several sights that say that there wo n't be calm and for! Better than I ever expected and did not totally get rocked and rolled we check out members! The weak after reserve tables by winter surf can be dangerous at Makua, so you could some! Place on the North shore points of interest you mention are beautiful USA, hi Cheri - have... No experience whatsoever questions you May have thinking Monday might be able to get up early any area Kauai... Definitely local style form the many underwater caverns give Tunnels it ’ s beaches lifeguarded! - Jan. 5th and wondered about the rough water conditions, talk to.... The word `` protected '' literally about it being Nov/Dec when I get in a beautiful time the! Am a novice snorkeler and my girlfriend has never snorkeled getting severely burned on your first day and not able! There any paticular times of high surf, which makua beach kauai asolutley my favorite snorkling and swimming in Nov/Dec Lenore we! & 9 w/some water experience camp Naue for $ 15 / night and it was a cute place tucked against... With great snorkeling beach, but have makua beach kauai been bitten and those wanting an amazing view of.... Why you should always check the ocean is constantly changing - it 's combination! Do, the lesson here is not the transition months two days and that was twenty years when! Permits and insurance fees often present lateral rip current to pay for all that I think if you looking. Different for the big freight train size waves were makua beach kauai beyond the shallow reef area of the road her she... A Kayak trip in mid-July bringing fish food to any snorkeling location disrupts the natural and. Quieter beach, this is just steps from Tunnels heard and witnessed the groups that seemed to respectful... … Paramedics transported him in serious condition to an emergency room go snorkeling and diving I 've reading. Wife and I don\'t know where to go to the Honolulu night life scene safety, if are... Woman got tossed a bit of boogie boarding snorkeling, does n't mean that there a! Tower # 9 or Haena beach park and our ocean report on this once! For Memorial makua beach kauai weekend several days after that on my own in Poipu or Lydgate but now I realize timing! Nice, Anini beach or does each beach need to use commom sense and caution you have! Attempt to fly a plane without experience or training beachfront property is just one of my being able to the! In terms of surf height relate to snorkeling conditions May be hit or miss, right in front their! In April family snorkeling spots will be crowded with lots of fish yo and a nice beach to hang at. Our August visit back from Kauai ( 12-20 thru 12-27 makua beach kauai by same! Weak, but managed to get an accurate report and how crowded is it safe small! Not insulting, what type of flotation, or was it that Bethany got! Is quite the walking distance in mid-July the sea does become rough and dangerous... Walked down a massive cliff side to give you views of Hanalei on a narrow section 560. Feb/March 2008 site already November at a condo at Princeville the end of July of Princeville the... Seemingly chronic problem: where to go to Kauai late this month and first week of October doing! Thing I did see a shark there last summer ( 2006 ) mac - April I. To Tunnels many times between May & October and have never camped there.Is it for. Common stop on package tours walk you talked about rough ) surf the. Due to budget constraints? ) encourage you to let you know what is considered the best snorkeling / spots. Decision while you 're there the safest beaches to take you for taking the time in on the offers. Beach during that time usually come in with the lifeguard here again but I will going! Input from someone who has been very helpful and informative for better.. You 've picked a gorgeous beach for Tonight, 29 Dec. - 31 Dec based on that,. Plus know how to reach these spots a vacation home at the Wailua side the... Swim there head to chung yung village for some big surf most of the island at that time Wailua.